Open Day Speaker | KYLE BOSHOFF

1. The LISOF Life Lesson?

Kyle Boshoff
Kyle Boshoff

All throughout my career in Communications at African Fashion International, as Assistant Editor at VOILA! magazine and in my time as a freelance stylist, I came into regular contact with Lisofians and I realized that Lisof really is the perfect bridge between dreaming the dream and having to actually make a living off this dream you have. More than the theory, more than the practical skills, it is about a community that encourages you to get real-world experience, to chase opportunities and to work hard in pursuit of vision you have for your career in fashion.

3. Personal highlights in your career?

2014 has been an amazing year. I became Fashion Director of AFI PRIVE, a luxury African fashion retail channel and Creative Director for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week AFRICA. The opportunity to work with amazing, talented designers on the continent every day is the most exciting thing I could ask for. Being on-set with L’Officiel magazine and having Chanel Iman come to my surprise 21st is a very close second.

4. Future aspirations?

The future I have ahead of me is one where I use my experience, network and skills to communicate, create, connect, curate and within the African fashion industry, contributing to it taking its rightful place at the head table on the global fashion stage.

If you are interested in what Filipe is doing you can follow him here or come and listen to him speak at the Lisof Open day on 4 October 2014:

Twitter: @kyle_boshoff

Instagram: @kyleboshoff

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