Orientation Best Accessory Winners

Congrats to the Orientation Best Accessory Winners! 1st Year Fashion students are a buzzing energy that adds new life and enthusiasm on campus and this year, the first year BA Degree, BCom Degree and Diploma Orientation Fashion Show was creative, bold and interesting. The brief was to create wearable garments from recycled materials. No conventional fabrications or trims could be used. This Orientation challenge in itself, inspired the students to think out the box and explore their designer options. The Team that Won Best Accessory Johannesburg Campus also won Most Liked Instagram Post with over 800 likes #LisofOrientation . Thanks to Lorna Jane South Africa and ELLE Magazine for sponsoring awesome prizes for the student winners! And thank-you to Miss Earth SA Director, Ella Bella and Ambassador, Ilze Saunders for their insightful talk on sustainable fashion and offering inspiration to the students.

Learn more about these students and why they chose LISOF:

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What inspired the whole orientation look?

We were selected for the Visual category. We were inspired by shapes and colour, to create a look which would be eye catching and aesthetically  pleasing.

Why the armband?

At first we decided on a coat which eventually and organically morphed into a key piece which was the armband.

How did you make it and what materials did you use?

We used paint, newspaper and staples. Once painting the news paper sheets maroon and teal, we cut them up into strips and gradually weaved the armband / sleeve.

How was it like working in a team?

We worked well as a team, didn’t have any altercations and we really focused on everyone’s input to develop the look.

Did the Information talks before the orientation fashion show help you?

Yes, the topic of how recycled materials could be utilized in different ways to create a garment helped to draw inspiration.

With regards to the sleeve, it was very time consuming to engineer, but in the end it was worth it, because it looked good and made the entire outfit come alive.

We also had a lot of materials to work with so we where not limited in our options.

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TEAM MEMBER: Sabrina Letnik, BA Design

I’ve always had an interest in fashion since I was little and it is always been apart of my life, so it just felt right to embrace it. LISOF has built a brilliant name for itself and offers the learning experience that many would want. I would like to build an empire and leave a legacy in the future. My favorite Local designer/fashion person is Tamara Cherie Dyson and my favorite international design/fashion person is Paola Sebastian.

TEAM MEMBER: Rishona Louw, BA Media

Ever since I was young I had an interest in fashion ,it always intrigued me. When I reached high school I knew that I have to pursue a career in the fashion industry because I have never felt as passionate about any other field as I do about fashion. I chose LISOF because the institution specialises in fashion and I want to know as much about the industry as possible so that one day I can achieve my goals and be a part of the fashion industry and I think that LISOF is the perfect place to learn this. I would like to become a fashion journalist and work my way up to become a fashion magazine editor, I would also like to have my own blog and own a brand one day that represents my style. I would like to travel and work for an international fashion brand. My favourite local fashion designer is David Tlale because he always pulls off breathtaking fashion shows and always has refreshing and unexpected designs to offer the fashion industry. My favourite international designer brand would have to be Versace because I love the edgy vibe that the brand is able to execute while still remaining classy, timeless and sophisticated.

TEAM MEMBER: , Kgomotso Molate, BA MEDIA

I decided that fashion was the right career in primary school, I think I was about 11 years old when I was turning my clothes into ball gowns and I turned my night gown into a cute wrap dress. My mom dressing me up is also what I think contributed to me wanting to take fashion as a career. I chose LISOF because it has a good reputation and curriculum. I know a lot of people that I am inspired by that graduated from LISOF. I’ve also seen a lot of the work that the students have done during their time here and I think the school gets you real-world ready for the fashion industry. I want to start a fashion blog that will influence people and attract A-list celebrities for me to style them. I want to start a styling company that specialises in collaborating with fashion designers in South Africa.. I also want to start a quality street wear brand that is affordable for people from different backgrounds. Fashion is not the only thing I want to do.. I would love to be successful so that I can start enriching projects in previously disadvantaged areas. My favourite local fashion designer is David Tlale for couture and LISOF Alum, Rich Mnisi for modern innovative wear. My favourite international fashion designer is Diane Von Furstenberg.

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