Part Time Fashion Photography Short Course


If your heart lies in the timeless story of a photograph, perhaps it is an option to look at doing a part time photography short course at an internationally recognised fashion design school.



Etched in black and white, vivid tones or cool shades of colour, moments are forever captured in a photograph. The absence of words encourages the cogs of the imagination to turn; the message left to a myriad of various elucidations.
Passion breeds creativity and when you follow your passion, you follow your happiness. If you find yourself with a love and passion for photography but bear the responsibility of a day job, why not dive into a short course that offers the most comprehensive education with the added convenience of after-hour classes? Comprised of 11 units, the short course will equip you with the appropriate know-how with which to face the competitive world of fashion photography. It will offer you the grounding on which to continue developing your skill set that might lead to a thrilling career change!

Unit 1 will introduce you to the fundamentals of digital photography, from mastering the controls and functions of your camera to basic theory.  You will also enjoy a concise breakdown of the history of photography from its inception in 1839, paired with the history of fashion photography and its exciting evolution. From theory to practical application, the second unit will discuss shutter speed and movement through the work of fashion photographers and how they put this knowledge to test. Build up your knowledge on freeze motion or how to create blur while aperture and the concept of depth of field comprises the third unit. Expect a practical project where you will be able to experiment with focal length and aperture. This unit also encourages you to pay attention to light and composition while introducing image manipulation and layout in Adobe Photoshop®.

The fourth unit presents visual literacy through observation and analysis of celebrated contemporary and historical photographs, as well as various categories of photography practised by a fashion photographer. As the course evolves, unit five will introduce you to the themes of working with natural light while learning how to set the correct exposure. This unit will also teach you how to work creatively with sunlight. Digital correction, tutorials on how to use Adobe Photoshop® and lectures on post-processing techniques comprise unit six.

Unit 7 will focus on the use of indoor ambient lighting and shooting in the daylight studio, allowing you to put your skills to test with practical application and experimentation, while the eighth unit will lead you through the technical aspects of your camera flash and how to get creative with it.  From here, you will be introduced to studio photography and explore the use of strobe lighting for portraiture and studio fashion photography in unit nine. Units ten and eleven discuss the use of indoor and outdoor strobe lighting while the course is brought to completion with a practical unit in which students collate all they have learnt in the production of a fashion editorial from concept to presentation.

Throughout the course, you will be taught how to plan and prepare for a shoot, and gain exposure to the work, methods and techniques of renowned fashion photographers. Detailed and technique orientated, this part time course prepares students for the competitive and fast-paced world of fashion photography.

If you are interested in pursuing your dreams of becoming a fashion photographer, look for internationally recognised fashion design courses in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban and take a look at the available short courses.

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