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Fashion design is one of the most sought after design courses in South Africa, producing thousands of graduates every year. Not only is a fashion design course an exciting journey, it is dynamic, upbeat and interesting too. As the world of fashion continues to grow and evolve on local soil, fashion-forward individuals are staking their claim of the blogosphere, each creating a bubble of vibrant style aimed to inspire and encourage.


Swathed in the trendiest garb and donned with the latest accessories, South African fashionistas are taking the world by storm! From glitter pumps to bold totes, these ladies are raising the bar of the local fashion scene. Armed with a variety of degrees, this conglomerate of women is taking over the blogosphere by posting a creative and refreshing balance of content – from style and look books to contemporary issues and travel. Fresh and unique, these blogs can leave you feeling inspired – and so, we ask that question – what is stopping YOU from doing something similar?

If your dreams are wrapped in cotton and silk, and your thoughts wander to a dazzling world of runways, haute couture and beautiful accessories – embark on a new adventure and explore the option of studying a part or full-time fashion design course. If you’re passionate about fashion but can’t quit your day job as yet, why not look into a distance fashion design course? A distance learning course will equip you with the basic knowledge of fashion design while also giving you the freedom to grow your career as you study. Whether you aspire to be a top stylist, write your own vibrant blog or see your designs glide down the runway, chase your passion and turn your daydreams into a reality.

Designed and created to suit the basic needs of an aspiring student, the course covers a broad spectrum of knowledge and skill – from the very basics of silhouette and shape illustration to the more complex process of storytelling which will allow you to create your own brief and signature when developing a collection. Despite the educational benefits of the course, there is a handful more when it comes to distance learning. These are:


  • Increased flexibility. Distance learning courses will give you the freedom to exercise your flexibility. You can study and submit assignments from anywhere, provided there’s an internet connection. This allows students to work at their own pace and when it best suits them.
  • No need to commute. A distance fashion design course will ensure that you don’t need to fight through traffic or wrestle your way onto a train. Students can work from home which cuts costs and saves time!
  • Work and study. You won’t need to quit your day job in order to pursue your studies. You’ll be able to gain experience and earn a salary while working towards your goal of becoming a fashion designer, blogger or fashionista.


Take the first step towards achieving your dream and enrol yourself in a distance fashion design course. It will give you the opportunity to expand your career options, embark on a new adventure or equip you with the knowledge that you will need to write about and discuss the world of fashion. Immerse yourself in a world of punchy colours, bold prints and flashing lights, feed your passion and fulfil your objectives. You might just become the next best South African Fashionista! For more information regarding the distance course in fashion design, contact LISOF on 086 115 4763.

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