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Phendu Kuta… someone who needs no introduction simply because she’s already proven she’s here to stay. Now for those who don’t already know exactly what Phendu is about, she is LISOF’s very own 2012 3rd year commercial student and is also the founder and creator of Edged Designs; a contemporary accessory line that is growing in leaps and bounds. Some of Phendu’s prior experience includes working as a marketing intern for Musa Kalenga, she has also performed free-lance writing for Africa Fashion International and 54 on 6th, she spent a brief time PR assisting for Jana Koppel and had an exciting internship with Milli Bongela of Miss Milli B. We contacted Phendu to find out more about her brand and here is what she had to say:


“Edged was a spontaneous idea that came about last year when a friend and I were visiting craft stores around Jozi’s creative hubs. We thought ‘hey, we can do that’, and we did it.

However, we stopped our creative sessions due to my trip to Europe with Lisof.

When I came back I felt like I was the only one who was intent on continuing the accessories. So I continued on my own.”


Alisha wearing a leather peter-pan collar


“By the time I was confident enough to distribute the accessories, I had decided to start a blog. So owner of Two replied, saying I should come by her store and show her the accessories. She loved them. She and Caren Waldman (her sister) gave me my first break. I will never forget that.”


Richie wearing the gold shoe collar and bow-tie brooch


“Edged is going through an exciting rebirth in the next month. The hand-craft element is set to fall away due to my personal time constraints, the accessories will be machine-manufactured and therefore I’m going to use a really cool material (that I can’t discuss as of now but you’ll find out what it is soon enough).”



Nikki wearing a button-collar neck-piece and bow-tie neck-piece


“I’ve also decided to change the name slightly. The name will go back to its dictionary form: Edged. The reason for this change is simple: ‘simplicity’.

People often get confused about how to pronounce and spell it. Getting it back to its simple form is more advantageous for the brand than otherwise.”



Kyle wearing computer chip neck-piece


“The name Edged came about from a friend’s description of my style.  She thinks that I have an eclectic sense of style but I often add an edgy element to it. The ‘e’ from edged fell away then (to form Edg’d) because we were trying to keep it fresh and that is what Edged really is about, freshness. The name also rings true to the way it is made, it is edged by hand.”



Abiah is wearing the game-inspired neck-pieces and a bow-tie brooch


“Although the accessories are going to be machine manufactured, I would like to keep up Edged’s former standard of customisation by maintaining up to a maximum of 10 of the same styles.  It is very important to me that Edged customers always feel like they are gaining something unique.”


You can get your hands on one of Phendu’s unique Edged designs at:

Guillotine: 44 Stanley

Rozanne & Pushkin: The Zone, Rosebank and Gateway mall, Durban

MSC Boutique: 7th street, Melville

Two: 6th street, Parkhurst


For more information you can find Edged on:

Twitter: @Edged_Designs

On Facebook (

On tumblr (


You can also check Phendu’s blog out called Style Convo; (

And you can start following her on twitter: @Phendu_Kuta

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