Phillip Chen: Up & Coming Designer

Phillip Chen, an aspiring up and coming fashion designer. He has a unique view on fashion and all the behind the scene info on his adventure of trying to make it within the industry. A second year student at LISOF, Phillip has applied the knowledge he has learnt to his own work and produced trendy and relevant garments for his fellow class mates and also other fashionistas outside of LISOF.

Two months ago Phillip and make-up artist friend Leanne Roux entered the CIDESCO World Congress make up competition, which took place this year in South Africa at the Sandton Convention Centre. Entrants had to interpret the theme “African Fauna and Flora” through make up and fashion. Phillip and Leanne chose the African Guinea Fowl as their inspiration and designed around the idea of the beautiful bird and it’s unique appearance. Phillip created a stunning ensemble which consisted of a pleather strapless top and hand beaded fringe skirt. Make-up artist Leanne used unique techniques to recreate the guinea fowl look onto their model. This combination resulted won them first place at the International Beauty Competition in the student category.

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Since winning the competition Phillip has been working hard on his own unique fashion brand, “PHACHÉN” (pronounced “Pha Shen”) slowly but surely creating trendy street wear. Taking inspiration from South African street culture as well as international fashion designers such as Alexander Wang and Olivier Rousteing of Balmain, saying that his view on fashion is all about making the person feel beautiful as well as comfortable by acknowledging the clients needs and wants.

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“Fashion is more than style, it is a lifestyle, as soon as style becomes ones lifestyle one can call themselves a PhaChén designer…”- Phillip Chen

Phillip is currently working on his first major fashion project of redesigning (from scratch) a whole new wardrobe for friend Kemalan Pillay, as well as continuing his work of creating garments for his fashion friends. Fashion, to Phillip, is more than just clothing, it is a passion, an art and most importantly a lifestyle, but with such ambition and drive he has never failed at putting his studies first making sure that his clients understand that he needs to learn as much as possible, while he still can, in order to perfect his work for them. He encourages fellow students to put their all into their studies and work hard on their dreams. Keeping grounded is key to making it in the world of fashion. Never letting his work get in the way of his studies Phillip Chen is a promising young man with the right drive for his dream. A proud hard working aspiring asian fashion designer, Phillip Chen is definitely the one to watch, never being afraid to try new things and to defy the rules of fashion watch out for “PhaChén’s” Phillip Chen.

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“Education is very important to me. At the end of the day without education you are limited and dreams are nothing without education. Even with a good push in the right direction your dreams will still be nothing…”- Phillip Chen

Words to describe Phillip Chen would be:

  • Fashionable
  • Feisty
  • Flamboyant
  • Ambitious

Phillip Chen

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