Pursue Your Dream: Complete a BA in Fashion Honours

pursue your dream

If you already have your undergraduate degree, a BA in Fashion Honours would take your fashion design skills to a whole new level! Innovative, detailed and fulfilling, LISOF’s one-year full time learning program is ideal for those who are looking for something that will challenge them through intensive and focused specialization.


The BA in Fashion Honours is delivered through a combined curriculum of research and coursework that keeps students on their toes, constantly thinking about new ways in which to reinvent their skill and trade. For those who choose to work during their studies, the programme can also be completed on a part-time basis over the period of two academic years. With an intense focus on Merchandising and Fashion Theory, the specialised fashion design course has been developed by leaders in both the fashion and retail industry. These professionals have created a curriculum that will equip the student with the most progressive and relevant education in the business. With this informative background, students that aspire to make their mark in the world of fashion design are encouraged to dream big and to think out of the box!

LISOF’s Honours course is comprised of two major modules, namely Merchandising and Fashion Theory. Although these two modules sound extremely theory based, this advanced fashion design course encourages a hands-on approach to learning. A dynamic combination of theory and practical exercises will ensure that students are not merely equipped with the knowledge but also the skill. The Merchandising module will take students through all of the commercial disciplines that are studied to provide a holistic and strategic view of marketing, business, merchandising, retailing and logistics. This module will give students the ability to think beyond the design studio and prepare them for the challenges, opportunities and processes that govern the competitive world of fashion design.

Modernity, gender roles, globalization, memory, fantasy and identity are themes that comprise the module of Fashion Theory. These themes are responsible for the movements, changes and evolution of fashion and it is important to understand the direct link between the influence and the change. Students will look at a wide range of theorists who have studied and critiqued the above mentioned themes, and will explore the changes applied by past and contemporary designers of a variety of nationalities.

In combination, these two modules will allow students to gain perspective on a variety of important issues that pertain to their industry. Students will understand how the effects of life can be reflected through fashion and the process of engagement that occurs in addressing these issues. By the end of the course, students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of the covered work through a well-researched, high-quality essay. This document will act as the final examination and those who display their understanding in an informative and comprehensive manner will receive their Honours degree.

Ensure that you are able to pursue your dreams of fashion design by meeting the following criteria:

  • Students who wish to apply for the BA in Fashion Honours must have successfully completed a minimum of 360 credits undergraduate Bachelor’s degree with an average of 65% or higher.
  • The completed undergraduate degree must be completed in a fashion or commercial context and must have been awarded by an accredited institution.

Pursue your dream and turn your daydreams into reality! Take the next step and equip yourself with invaluable knowledge and skill that will allow you to make your mark in the competitive but rewarding world of fashion design.

Begin your journey to greatness and contact LISOF today at info@www.lisof.co.za.

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