SmARTy Pants

Over the last two weeks the third years have been trying to associate a connection between art and fashion in trend and fashion theory classes. In a school where every student has an opinion and every opinion must be considered, it’s like watching a debate on Jerry Springer with impeccable clothes.

There are several questions circling our minds… does art affect fashion or does fashion affect art? Is art fashion on the runway the same way that fashion is art in a gallery? What happens when these are seen on the street; is there an art to street fashion or is street fashion a form of art? And most importantly, what time does the canteen close?

All this whilst lecturers wait patiently for students to pull themselves towards themselves in a hope that they might get a turn to talk. I have a feeling it’s going to happen for them someday soon, they just need to keep strong. 😉

Well, whilst all these questions continue to cause much debate, the one thing that has everyone on the same trending boat is the art in fashion. With the Spring season on its way, the introduction of bright colours through the use of comics and pop art mash ups is being spotted on almost every trend report globally.

From Warhol inspired prints, to Blondie colour palette’s and Disney character embroidery, this comics inspired aesthetic has even been spotted on our local runways at the Dax Martin Show in 2012. With striped t-shirts to brave nail art and loud logo’s this trend is putting the “POW!!!!” back in street style.

Ciao for now.


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