Student Showcase: 1st year Photography

For centuries artists and photographers have used window light for portraiture. It is one of the best light sources, ranging from a soft, indirect light to a theatrical effect in the middle of the day when the window is in strong sunlight. First years were given an Assessment Test to photograph a Window Portrait, amongst other techniques. They needed to be a model scout and select a person that they felt would be interesting for the portrait. The brief advised them to place them near a window and move them until the desired lighting effect was achieved. Experimenting is encouraged, therefore using different camera angles and positions could create more interest. Students had to keep in mind the space as so give control of intensity of light on and around the subject.

Here are several of the first year students whose work, for WINDOW PORTRAIT, was highly successful and literally tells a story in their own right. #LisofLoves

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Lesedi Leketi
Photographed by 1st Year Student: Lesedi Leketi



Tanya Bezuidenhout
Photographed by 1st Year Student: Tanya Bezuidenhout



Shweta Chiba
Photography by 1st Year Student: Shweta Chiba





Alexia Roussos
Photography by First Year Student: Alexia Roussos



Marli VD Merwe
Photographed by 1st Year Student: Marli van de Merwe
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