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What does it take to be a stylist in the fashion industry? For one, a natural ability to understand proportion, colour combinations and an eye for detail. However, that can take you only so far, having a technical understanding of fabric drape, textures and fashion cycles and trends is something that can be learned.

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At LISOF, we offer professional training on the art of fashion styling. As a stylist in the working environment, you are the brand. Therefore learning the skills to find your own point of view and create a signature style for your brand is key to ‘getting out there’. Having the balance of being a creative and being a professional, will afford you many opportunities, as the deadlines can be short, there is administration involved and your hours will most likely not be from 9 to 5.

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The Styling course will enable students to develop a sense of styling fashion with appropriate clothing to suit different figure types. You will be coached in a range of practical exercises to explore, discuss and critically reflect on the principles of shape, proportion and combinations. The course will expand your knowledge in fashion trends and resources as well as personal style. Knowledge of how to research trends or how to innovate before a trend comes into play, will give you a competitive edge.

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Meet Bradley Muttit and Abiah Mahlase, (Below) Top SA Stylists that will guide you on the Fashion Styling journey.

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