Blairgowrie, 18 August 2015 – LISOF is responding promptly to a regrettable incident that occurred at the Blairgowrie campus today. After receiving complaints, a staff member of LISOF, in an attempt to resolve a potential conflict, asked a student who was wearing a T-shirt that was considered offensive to a number of students, to remove or change it.

The staff member exercised poor judgement in his attempt to resolve the issue and acted in contradiction to LISOF’s philosophy of creating a non-political environment in which all students, irrespective of their political affiliations, are welcome. LISOF aims to provide an environment that promotes both individuality and diversity. A personal apology will be issued to the affected student. We are taking additional measures to ensure that our staff are well acquainted with our values and act appropriately in the future to promote a positive, creative and non threatening environment on all our campuses.

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