Top 5 Best Dressed at The iHeartRadio Music Awards

posted on March 16th, 2018 by LISOF

From bold and metallic, to chic and lace, the stars definitely brought their fire at The iHeartRadio Music Awards, held in Inglewood, California on 11 March 2018. The iHeartRadio Music Awards’ annual event celebrates the biggest names in the business.

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Nominees are based on the music heard throughout the year on the iHeartRadio Station. Hosted By Hailey Baldwin and DJ Khaled, this event was definitely a fashionista’s dream.

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The stars gave us a taste of bold prints, metallic ensembles, and sheer lace, truly setting the bar high within the world of fashion. Here are LISOF’s top 5 looks off the red carpet.

5 Paris Hilton

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The heiress showed her appreciation for the event with her heart cut-out look paired with red pumps. Effortlessly chic!

 4 Hasley & G-Eazy

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The couple really brought the boldness with this look. We Are LOVING the metallic blazer over an all-black ensemble. Hasley’s bold print with sleek back top-knot has us stunned!

3 Chantel Jeffries

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Chantel is a metallic goddess, pairing this bold look with gorgeous gold strappy high sandals. She topped it off with a soft up-do. The nude make-up ties this look together so elegantly.

2 Madeline Petsch

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Petsch definitely made a statement with this plaid ensemble, pairing the look with a velvet purse and heels, giving her our number 2 spot on best dressed.

1 Jenna Dewan-Tatum

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The beautiful dancer/actress brought flames with this piece. The tribal inspired pattern on both the jacket and the crop bring a bold statement to this outfit. Jenna paired this look with an interesting bottom and simple black heels. This is definitely our favourite look of the evening!

Can’t wait to see what these celebs will be wearing next…

Design Indaba 2018: The Magic Moments

posted on March 2nd, 2018 by LISOF

The week of the Design Indaba 2018 felt like stuff out of the movies – you know, the kind that leaves you at the edge of your seat, star-struck-type vibes, gushing, groupie-like pandering? Yes, that type of insane admiration! Hosted at the LISOF Johannesburg campus, there was a true feeling of wonderment in every attendee who, in between watching various talks, got a glimpse of the way things are done at LISOF: which is to create a space for new design thinking and encourage the design process.

Photo by Anel Van Vuuren

Look – it was inspiring in many ways but in other ways, downright humbling. Almost an awakening of some sort – to the sheer realisation that your life/work is still, uhmm, errr…. let’s just say – a work in progress. That’s how I felt (pretty much) the entire week – as I played make-believe, feigning limp attempts to look relevant – like, I’ve got something to offer the world. Yes, that kind of grand, movie-star-like-confidence – the stomach–in-chest-out-Bheki Cele-type of moves, the fake-it-till-you-make-it kind?

I guess what I’m trying to say is – that’s the kind of effect the Design Indaba will have on you – making you feel like you matter. Day 3 allowed us to get access to a talk by set designer, Es Devlin who is on a first name basis (as you would, of course) with Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna, U2, Adele (need I say more) which is no small feat, right? This type of Hollywood stuff rubs off on you. The fabulous network of world shakers making an impact in their creative disciplines, meeting new people and mingling in your aspiring world and drawing inspiration from the gushing well of creative ingenuity is life-giving.

They make it look so easy though that you’d be deceived into thinking that they were hit by a stroke of luck from heaven above. But many talked, like Devlin, about their tireless efforts to hone their craft. Take Es on the third day, for instance (yes, yes, you tend to feel like you know them too on a first name basis) – talked about the lessons she learnt out of playing the violin in her younger years – that in fact, nothing comes easy. The idea of practise makes perfect in playing a musical instrument has become part of her own work ethic. Her interpretation of the briefs she gets from clients was a lesson in being adept in giving “artists a visual voice” as she calls her trade as well as having an acute understanding of their brand and public persona. This talented artist’s life was never the same after she came back from watching a live Boomtown Rats performance – she knew from that point on, that she wanted to translate visual manifestations for performers and THAT she does very well.

Many times, I couldn’t help wonder how on earth many of the speakers came up with the ideas they conjure up, how they make them come alive in ways, my brain has never done before. So great, so revolutionary, you start to believe you can walk on water.

Photo by Anel Van Vuuren

Another speaker I was in awe of, was Tomo Kihara, termed a playful interventionist and design researcher – did you know anything like this existed?! This is not the kind of thing they tell you about in career guidance classes, I can tell you that much. This young maverick was driven by a desire to tackle homelessness in the world (this kind, doesn’t think small) – so, if you are going to follow in the footsteps of this lot, small ideas won’t take you anywhere – think BIG, sky-size BIG. Kihara developed an alternative to begging, a prototype device called the “Street Debater.” This is a gadget designed to remove the negative feelings evoked by street begging (humiliation, lack of dignity, feeling invisible etc) creating engagement in the process of giving and being given money. Some of the activations of this device entailed using pictures of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump and a passer bye would have to predict using their money who will become President leading up to the American elections. A bit like begging with a purpose – this gadget sparks conversation and more importantly, overcomes social segregation whilst earning an unemployed and destitute person £135 per hour.

Photo by Anel Van Vuuren

That Design Indaba crowd were on top of their form last week showing you and me that in fact there’s a place for everyone in this world – from the faux movers and shakers like me, real, global and local thought leaders to our very own Joburg class of Emerging Creatives who already believe that the world, through their raw talent, is their oyster. LISOF provided the perfect venue to host all of the Design Indaba frenzy, to allow the artists to express themselves and attendees to wander through the campus inspired by the newest talent.

Photo by Anel Van Vuuren

Written by: Anda Ngani

The Best of Paris Haute Couture Week

posted on February 1st, 2018 by LISOF

All things beautiful and handcrafted, Paris Haute Couture Week has come and gone, leaving us breathless and lusting after high fashion pieces. From Christian Dior to Maison Margiela, we’ve also been inspired to take our design aesthetic to a whole new level. Check out some of our top moments below…


We expected all the usual elegance from this classic design house, known for their tweed and well tailored suits. This year, we also saw the addition of a short suit (groundbreaking!) and some bright pleats. Floral appliqué was everywhere and the finale was a truly breathtaking all white feathered tuxedo-meet-ballgown.

Photo via Vogue Runway

Maison Margiela

High shine, but not with the usual sequin sparkle. Light reflecting plastic and holographic overcoats shone on for this show, with a futuristic treatment applied to beautiful garments. It’s the well-loved Margiela magic, and we’re so here for it.

Photo via Vogue Runway

Iris Van Herpen

In a way that only she can, Van Herpen did the extraordinary and un-thinkable, creating waves in mid air. Delicate mesh dresses were covered in 3-D printed elements, creating a futuristic aesthetic with a heavy influence from the natural elements.


With multi-textured floor length gowns, in black or with tiered coloured skirts, Givenchy looked to shapes and silhouettes. There was a clear emphasis on fabrics, which allowed beautiful pieces to catch the light.

Photo via Vogue Runway

Christian Dior

A simple mostly black and white colour palette, with anything-but-simple designs. Well made suits in a rich satin and a polka dotted tulle dresses were among the 72 looks on show.

Photo via Vogue Runway

Student Naledi Kau x Levi’s Orange Tab

posted on May 10th, 2017 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Naledi Kau is a second year BA Media Lisofian and she had recently entered a Levi’s Orange Tab competition. All she had to do was comment on their competition post and explain ‘What past era influences their current era’ .

The competition was a prize of which included R10 000 worth of clothing from Levis’ new Orange Tab collection and a vinyl record player. As a way of congratulating her, we’ve decided to have a photoshoot with Naledi just to get an insight on what she’s picked out from the new collection and more information on what influences her style as she gives us direction on how to ‘ #liveinlevis with the new Orange Tab collection.



The following looks represent how Naledi manages to keep style the Levi’s Orange Tab range in a manner that’s original, classic and effortless.



Naledi’s flaunts the #jean2jean look which was inspired by the industrial 80’s. She accessorised it with a circular framed pair of glasses, “ozzies” as she would say, and this was done to enhance that industrial 80’s retro feel.




Naledi always emphasises how ‘simplicity is key’ when it comes to picking out any of her outfits. We were able to capture how she is able to turn heads with a simple #schoolboy inspired look.




This last ensemble is a combo of what Naledi calls an “occasional pop of sass”. She justifies the sassiness by adding a red pair of heels which really complimented the orange Levis top exceptionally well.

Student Collaboration:

Photographer: Reabetswe Letsoalo

Model: Naledi Kau

Written by: Nondumiso Fatyela

Fashion Photography: Student Work

posted on August 11th, 2016 by LISOF

Third year fashion students were tasked to shoot a LISOF advertising campaign. They needed to organise their model, clothing, lighting, mood and take the actual photographs themselves. After the shoot, students are required to retouch their images and add effects to express their version of the LISOF ad campaign brief. Herewith are several successful images from the class of 2015.

Lizel Opperman

Lizel Opperman


Nanette Arensten

Nanette Arensten


Nomkhosi Mabuza

Nomkhosi Mabuza


Robin Hotz

Robin Hotz


Elicia Pitzer

Elicia Pitzer


Ezekiel Kgoadigoadi

Ezekiel Kgoadigoadi


Lize van Wyk

Lize Van Wyk



Asnath Nchabeleng

Asnath Nchabeleng



Ruth Smith

Ruth Smit




Part-time Short Courses offered at LISOF

posted on October 26th, 2014 by LISOF

LISOF’s part-time short courses are a viable alternative to full-time study and could be the beginning of your journey into the fascinating worlds of fashion and beauty.

There are short courses in Fashion Photography, Garment Construction, Pattern Design, Fashion Design, Make-up and Adobe® Illustrator & Photoshop.

They are presented at our campus in Johannesburg over a period of 20 Saturday mornings.



Need more information about our part-time short courses? Download the relevant brochures below and find out why you should apply to one of Part-time short courses or contact us to book your assessment and find out more about our fees.


Part Time Adobe® Short course |  High Res | Printer Friendly
Part-Time Fashion Design Short Course |  High Res | Printer Friendly
Part Time Fashion Photography Short course |  High Res | Printer Friendly
Part-Time garment construction (sewing) Short Course |  High Res | Printer Friendly
Part Time make-up Level 01 Short Course |  High Res | Printer Friendly
Part-Time Patternmaking Short Course |  High Res | Printer Friendly

The Benefits of Distance Learning

posted on July 22nd, 2014 by LISOF

Cover no textIf you dream in dressmaking patterns and chatter about fashion design with every opportunity that you get, then you shouldn’t let anything stop you from pursuing your passion for fashion. Even if you are employed on a full-time basis in something that is completely unrelated, you can study fashion design or patternmaking with a Distance Learning course from LISOF.

Our distance learning courses have been designed in such a way that you will be able to work at your own pace, and complete each course in the manner that works for you and your current lifestyle. This means that you will be able to incorporate your studying into your regular routine, without jeopardising your performance at your day job.

How to succeed in Fashion Design

posted on June 27th, 2014 by LISOF

Fashion DesignThe love for fashion has led to the creation and sustenance of a multi-billion rand enterprise dedicated to producing and selling unique clothes. For this reason many people around the world are eager to be part of this thriving industry to showcase their creativity and skills. Because great fashion is always a subject for debate, you need a thick skin and agile creative skills to survive and succeed in the industry. (more…)

LISOF Pic of the Week – 26 May 2014

posted on May 28th, 2014 by LISOF

Our photography students have set the bar high this week – but this photo in particular caught our attention!

Photography students - pic of the week 26.05