The SA Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 18 Countdown: Looking at The Last 3 Years

posted on March 26th, 2018 by LISOF

Our countdown to SA Fashion week 2018 Autumn/Winter has begun, and the excitement is REAL! To get into the fashion festivities, let’s take a look back to what the designers of SA Fashion week brought to the runway in the last three years.

‘SA Fashion week is committed to developing excellence and growth in a sector that contributes significantly to the South African economy. We unearth, support, promote and nurture South African fashion talent.” Lucilla Booyzen- Founder of SA Fashion week


2015: Feathers, faux fur…Fabulous!

The designers of SA Fashion week 2015 Autumn/Winter collection brought an excellent combination of feathers, faux fur and sheer fabric into their signature looks.

Photo via W24

Left: Black lace corset under a faux fur coat. This look is paired with a feathered head piece, simple black heels and a round clutch. Simple make-up is a must with this bold look. Middle: Black lace over an all-black top and bottom with a feathered head piece. Right: Faux fur over a sheer white ensemble paired with black heels and black hat, accessorized with beady white necklace.

Chunky knits paired with denim definitely became a showstopper, as designers featured these looks on the runway. The chunky scarf added to a denim ensemble, ties the entire winter look together.

Photo via W24

Teal was the colour of choice for 2015 Autumn/Winter. The beautiful colour was often paired with bold prints for a truly feminine winter appearance. Everything about this look captures a designer’s heart. The above the knee skirt paired with blue pumps gives this look a feminine finish.

Photo via W24

2016: Printed Patterns For The Unexpected Silhouette

Geometric patterns, artfully printed; allows for an unexpected and perfect silhouette. The designers of the 2016 SA Fashion week autumn/winter collection gave a whole new twist on fashion. 2015’s emergence of sheer was once more incorporated into the looks that walked the 2016 runway.

SA Fashion Week 2016 Autumn/Winter top designers included House of Olé, Ephymol, Amanda Laird Cherry, Rubicon, Mantsho (Palesa Mokubung) Colleen Eitzen and Clive Rundle. A special was the Gert-Johan Coetzee which was available on to shop on Spree straight off the runway.

Photo via

Designers incorporated jewel tones such as green, brown, red and blue, to give the perfect autumn/winter feel. The sheer fabric casts the perfect silhouette.

A geometric inspired print for matching top and bottom pieces became the ultimate ‘cosy’ winter look. Large folded collars and oversized sleeves made an inspiring appearance, especially as paired with the geometric print.

Photo via

Adding a pop of colour to the black and white geometric inspired print makes this look come to life!

2017: Untamable Street Style

Last year included a host of young and ambitious designers including Ageo by Arnold Phasa, Danielle Frylinck, I Just Am, Ipikoko, Turner Studio, Kentse Masilo, Liu Liu and Mmusomaxwell. They took to the bold look with strong graphic prints. For Mieke’s collection, they were paired with printed lycra leggings and a simple white headpiece which took the runway by storm.

Photo via

Street style was another inspiration for the 2017 SA Fashion week autumn/winter collection. The streets of South Africa were definitely painted chic!

Photo via

Through the past three years, designers have reimagined the way we see fashion. Each year South African designers push their limits to produce the unimaginable and recreate their meaning of fashion. There is no doubt that South African designers of 2018 SA Fashion Week will raise the bar once more…

Fun first times at SA Fashion Week

posted on April 26th, 2016 by LISOF

3rd Year Fashion Media student, Zingaphi Njokweni, shares her experience at SA Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016.

It’s one thing having the corners of your false lash lift up ten minutes before you’re meant to leave the house for a greatly anticipated fashion week, it’s another losing the sole of the shoe that was central to your carefully curated outfit, on the way to the Gautrain. Long, white hair blowing in the wind, occasionally sticking to the thick layer of MAC lip gloss I had lathered on, I waddled my way to the train, regardless of the disheartening sound my shoe made. After an entire half hour of frantically texting my partner, Seipati Mosete and our manager, Lissa Mendes, about my misfortune, I finally arrived at Hyde Park Corner – lost, flustered, and fashionably late. Thankfully, Seipati salvaged what was potentially a terrible, mood-ruining night. All was forgotten about upon entry to The Venue – a walk that was littered with, “… on level 7, yes, the lift only says 6 levels but there is a seventh one, promise”. What?!

Seipati (left) and Zingaphi

Before show elevator selfie

The room was full, and that was expected, however, when it is full of people whose Instagram accounts you normally stalk and envy, it’s an entirely different ball game – cue anxiety. Seipati and I are not photographers, never mind journalists, so the idea of going up to people and asking to take their photos scared the living daylights out of us. We made an attempt to capture the atmosphere of the place (it was great because fashionable people in. One. Room.), and enjoyed being around people we aspired to be, and eventually, the anxiety wore off.


And then the shows started.

I have interned at a previous fashion week but had never watched an actual fashion show – it was amazing. The room was lit neon blue, conversation amongst the audience was buzzing, crazy haircuts were bobbing up and down around the room, cameras were flashing, the excitement over opening goodie bags, the energy was just unbelievably high. I can definitely speak for the both of us when I say it was like a dream come true. On the first day, Seipati and I sat FROW (can you believe that?!), thanks to Kerri-Lee Candolini of SA Fashion Week. We watched the Lufthansa 1st Best Collections with an eye specifically at LUMIN and GreerKyle by LISOF alumni. When that was over, we were prepared to grab day 2 by the horns, leaving the day’s anxiety behind

Day 2 came and we watched an incredible show by Dean Hauptfleisch of WITH, a collection that refreshingly reimagined colour-blocking, and presented juxtaposition in such a harmonious manner. That day itself was not without its fair-share of being star-struck by gorgeous people, such as LISOF alumni and The Threaded Man blogger, Siyabonga Beyile, the king of prints, Chu Suwannapha, and once again, more fashion insiders. However, it was day 3 that was peak excitement; Keirnan Forbes, aka AKA (hahaha), commanded the room upon entry. I was ready to pass out from excitement and remembered, “I have to get a photo of this man!” Unfortunately, he prefers photos to be taken of him rather than with fans, otherwise he would never get to point B – which was fine with me because my white-haired head appeared in a photo he posted of the shows later that night, win!

AKA Frow at SAFW

AKA #Frow at Scouting Menswear Show

Day 3 was all about menswear and the Scouting Menswear show, where we proudly watched yet another LISOF alumni, Martelle Ludik. It was my favourite of the whole week. The hunger of someone who is yet at the peak of their career was clearly evident in the designs and it was fun to watch how the designers showed this in their ranges. Unfortunately, I had to Uber home immediately after the winner was announced and therefore missed the rest of the menswear, which, from what I’ve seen, was just as breath-taking.

In any case, we covered everything we enjoyed on the LISOF Instagram account. We are fun people, I swear, but handling an entire professional Instagram account was a bit scary, manageable, but a bit of pressure nonetheless. There are no words to describe how fun the week was, aching feet and all. It reinforced why the decision to come to LISOF was the right one – being exposed to the fashion industry I dream of being a part of while trying to complete a Fashion Theory essay at the end of the same evening.

Many thanks to Ms Candolini, Mrs Mendes, and our Fashion Media lecturer, Lisa Illingworth, it was an absolute honour representing our school, LISOF, at SA Fashion Week 2016. See @lisof_fashion on Instagram #StudentTakeover for #SAFWSS16 moment.


Join LISOF today and you will be exposed to the fashion industry, whether at a Fashion Week, Fashion Studio or at a Fashion Retailer.

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Written and images by Zingaphi Njokweni

Edited by Lissa Mendes



5 minutes with Dean Hauptfleish of WITH

posted on April 13th, 2016 by Lissa Leandro Correa Mendes

Dean Charles Hauptfleisch is the face behind clothing brand “WITH”. He won the ELLE/LISOF bursary and completed his BA in Fashion Design in 2014. He won the SAFW Student Competition, as well as best Avant-Garde collection during his graduation year. In 2015, “WITH” won the SA Fashion Week Sunglass Hut New Talent Search. Third year Fashion Media student, Zingaphi Njokweni interviewed Dean during SAFW SS2016:

Dean and Student

Dean lectured Design at LISOF


What was it about LISOF made you choose it as the foundation for your fashion career?

I have quite a number of friends who studied at LISOF many years back, and when they saw my interest in fashion they encouraged me to enter the ELLE/LISOF bursary competition. I entered the competition and I very fortunately won, so I have many friends to thank for pushing me to do something I didn’t feel 110% confident in at that time, all I remember is all of them saying: “What do you have to lose?”





What advantage do you think you’ve gained compared to industry members who didn’t study at LISOF?

I really feel like it’s more about what you make out of the opportunities you’ve been given. LISOF gave me a incredible opportunity to study what I love and I wasn’t about to let that go to waste, I worked extremely hard and remained focused on my goal as much as I could, and I definitely have LISOF’s curriculum and the knowledgeable facilitators I had to thank for that.

Your AW16 collection had quite a striking balance between maximal-ism and minimalism, so, what would you say is your general artistic influence for your creations?

I design and am inspired by personal experiences, I need to feel a connection to the clothing. I want the audience to feel a connection to my clothing and more so if they don’t I want to leave them feeling curious about what I was thinking about during that process.

I read that your interest in fashion was sparked after time spent in Copenhagen, how have you managed to translate that into your design aesthetic?

Copenhagen definitely reminded me what it was like as a child to live with no fears. Jump and deal with the consequences later. So all my overseas experiences gave me the confidence to really go for it and be fearless.

What would you like to see WITH achieve in the future?

I want WITH to stay true to itself, I want to continuously remind myself why I decided to do this and not waver from my initial intentions but grow them with the same ethos.


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With 6 With1 With2 With3 With4 With5 With7

WITH SS16 Images courtesy SA Fashion Week


Day 2: SA Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

posted on April 7th, 2016 by LISOF

Herewith are highlights that #LISOFloves of Day 2 at SA Fashion Week SS16 Collections:

WITH By Dean Hauptfleisch (LISOF Alumnus)

With 6 With1 With2 With3 With4 With5 With7

Keys Fashion

Keys 3 keys 7 Keys1 Keys2 Keys3 keys5 Keys6


Rubi1 Rubi2 rubi3 rubi4 rubi5 rubi6

Images courtesy of:

DAY 1: SA Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016

posted on April 6th, 2016 by LISOF

Herewith are highlights that #LISOFloves of Day 1 at SA Fashion Week SS16 Collections:

Gert-Johan Coetzee

We see a confident, feminine quite flamboyant woman wearing these designs. They are curve conscious and textural too, with black pleats to an orange soft puff ball. The finale dress was truly a showstopper!


Clive Rundle

The volume of printed fabrics layered and cut to effortless perfection. The Doc Martins were just the ideal last word on the collection.

CR 1 CR 2 CR 3 CR 4 CR 5 CR 6 CR 7


Neutral and natural and all things nude, this range inspired us into a understated feminine glamour.

Lunar 3 Lunar1 Lunar2 Lunar4 Lunar5

Greer Kyle (LISOF Alumna)

Urban and fresh with strong lines and interesting detailing. Loved her interpretation of SS16 colours.


Lumin (LISOF Graduate Duo)

Minimalistic white in solid and sheers created a cool summer vibe ready-to-wear from beach to cocktails and city living!

Lumin1 Lumin2 Lumin3 Lumin4Lumin 5

Heart and Heritage: Winner of the Lufthansa 1st Best Collections

Dreamy, floaty and apologetically pretty, this collection will suit many a woman’s figure.



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Images courtesy

Competition Update : Calling all Graduates!

posted on June 4th, 2012 by LISOF

The Renault – SA Fashion Week New Talent Search is a new initiative that will, not only identify South Africa’s hottest design talent, but also provide the winning designer with a springboard (and therefore competitive business advantage) into SA’s vibrant fashion arena.



The competition is open only to new and emerging designers in search of a platform to launch their labels within the South African fashion industry.



Submit a portfolio of your work. Your portfolio should be an accurate snapshot of your design style, brand essence or creative handwriting. It should depict the current state of your business: your label and where it currently sits in terms of the business of fashion (e.g. your production capacity, your distribution channels, if any, or simply your business model).

A short biography must be attached or be part of your entry, as well as a forward-looking vision of where you see your brand going and how you intend to drive it there. You will be judged solely on this portfolio in order to reach PHASE 2, as one of 6 finalists, so you need to sell yourself, your brand and your vision to the judges – realistically – showing a good understanding of what it takes to manage a sustainable fashion brand.

Acceptance of entries close on Friday, 29 June and the 6 finalists will be informed by Friday, 6th July.


The 6 finalists will assemble in Johannesburg (out of town finalists will be flown in for this phase) where they will be given a creative challenge by Renault South Africa which will determine their final collections that they will be judged on.

Each finalist will have just over 8 weeks to produce an 8 outfit competition collection based on their theme. The collection will have to be completed and ready for fittings by the 18th of September 2012.

All finalists will receive R3000 towards producing this competition collection.

All that can be revealed at this stage is that the Renault South Africa challenge is specifically conceptualized to ensure the finalists compete, showing their individual handwriting, rather than designing for a prescribed theme – as all other competitions do.


The winner will receive a R25000 cash prize from Renault South Africa to help further their fashion career. In addition to this, the winner will also receive the use of a Renault Megane Coupe for a year, the opportunity to show at SA Fashion Week during the Summer 2013 collections, free participation in the SA Fashion Week Buyers Lounge, representation by The Fashion Agent for a year as well as a space at the annual SAFW Pop Up Shop in 2014.

For more information, visit

or call Maretha from SA Fashion Week at (011) 442 7812.