Thebe Magugu featured on Vogue Italia

Congratulations to LISOF student Thebe Magugu on having photos from his fashion shoot titled “The Auto-Exotic Gaze” approved by Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue initiative. The shoot, which uses the photographer’s hometown Kimberley as a milieu, explores how international fashion media sees Africa and how we as Africans in turn repackage ourselves to fit that static canon.

“African fashion has long had a cemented (and offensively inaccurate) representation in international media. If asked to summate our alleged style – they give key words like ‘tribal’, ‘print-prone’, ‘volumous’ and any other pretty euphemism which essentially boil down to ‘static’. The Far East suffers a similar fate, where there is – even in what must be the height of globalisation – a highly romanticised depiction. I wanted to explore this image of Africa in irony”.

The two photos from the series on Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue were approved into Thebe’s portfolio on the 3rd of June 2013

Thebe Magugu Thebe Magugu


Designers: LISOF graduate Chantelle Fourie and accessories by Kenyan designer Liz Ogumbo

Models: Geraldine Mojaki and Tegan Wakeford.

Assistant: Sheldon Wakeford

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