Tips on How to Create Your Own Design Space

Create your own design space

You’ve completed your fashion design course and are ready to face the competitive world of haute couture. You are in the position to reminisce on the days where you spent hours in garment construction classes or revising the history of fashion for your exams and assignments. You are not afraid of dreaming big and you feel that you are capable of turning your dreams into a reality.

Equipped with courage, a comprehensive qualification and your aspirations, you are ready to stake your claim of South Africa’s ever-evolving fashion circuit.

Taking the first step out into the world of fashion design is not only a paradigm shift; it can also be a rude awakening for many aspiring designers. Challenged with competitive markets, world-class designers and continuous shifts in style, young designers are quickly forced to find their feet. The secret to success surpasses that of hard work and dedication – it is rather comprised of the notion that one needs to get started as quickly as possible.

While some dream of a retro makeup studio or an urban atelier, others dream of their own creative space in which to design and create works of art. As daunting as it can be, friendly advice can be an asset when you’re mapping out your future. Here are some useful tips on how to create your own design space:

Jot Down Your Ideas, Fears and Ambitions

Whether you’re turning your family garage into your studio or you’re looking for a space to rent, creating your own design space requires a fair amount of planning. The first step of this exciting process is to jot down your ideas, fears and ambitions. This will help you to map out exactly what it is that you want to do while you don’t get carried away with outlandish ideas. Your ideas will represent just how big your dreams are, your fears will remind you of the challenges that you will face while trying to establish yourself and your ambitions will provide the necessary fodder from which you can feed your growth.

Prepare Your Proposal

The fashion design industry yields impressive profits for those who offer a unique and interesting product to the clients. Before you begin making a profit, you will need to secure the financial support in order get your studio up and running. Whether you need to give your garage a makeover, stock up on equipment or hire out a space, a comprehensive proposal needs to be drawn up. Remember that you will be asking ‘investors’ or a bank to place their trust in your capabilities and services in the form of finance. Ensure that your proposal includes all your monthly costs including marketing, salaries, equipment, insurance, hiring and utility costs, and any miscellaneous expenses.

Overcome Logistics

Overcoming the logistics of setting up a business is one of the crucial steps to success. When creating your creative space, you are going to have to overcome tasks that seem tedious but will have lasting benefits once your space is off of the ground. These logistics include:

  • Marketing: A design space; be it a workshop, studio or atelier, needs a certain degree of marketing to ensure that it gets off of the ground.
  • Hiring space: If you’re lucky enough to be working from home, there is no need to worry about the hiring of a suitable space. If you’re looking for a commercial space to hire, the search and paperwork can be quite tiresome. However, it is important to enjoy the ride – this is your adventure!
  • Branding: Logos, letterheads and watermarks are all part of the design process. This is a fun and exciting step for any new entrepreneur as you can see the corporate identity of your business take shape.
  • Human Resources: The hiring of staff can be a complicated task. Over time, you will get used to adding people to your team. Keep in mind that you can only offer salaries that you can afford during your company’s growth and development period.

Brand it With Your Mark

Whether makeup, photography or fashion design is your beat, ensure that your design space is unique to who you are. From the wall colours to the presentation of your work, ensure that you brand it with your mark.

If you feel inspired to create your own design space, don’t be afraid to take risks. If you feel like you need to brush up or improve your skill set, email LISOF at for more information.

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