Tips to surviving 1st year at LISOF

“First year was a very exciting and apprehensive at the same time, these 5 tips helped me to get into the mix and transcend through the year.” – Lauren, Lisof 2015 Graduate

TIP 1. Contrary to what most believe, fashion students don’t go into class with full hair and make-up, but having a matte lipstick  always helps to keep lips looking fresh all day long. If your matte lipstick is a bright colour, you will be looking ‘done’ all day without too much effort.




TIP 2. With that being said, wearing Louboutin’s is also not conducive to campus life as design students will be carrying their sewing machine and patterns up and down stairs, so invest in several pairs of comfortable and stylish trainers.



TIP 3. A tote is great for only so long, but with files and notes flooding over and the strap digging in your shoulder, rather try out a backpack, this essential will save your shoulders and is functional for your fashion adventures.





TIP 4. Food is fuel for the brain and to a student, it is vital to keeping those creative juices flowing. There is a well stocked canteen on campus offering delicious delights, but also pack some snacks for when your hours of pattern making starts taking its toll. From jelly beans to keep the sugar up or a banana for a healthy boost, pack some food for the afternoon dip.

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TIP 5. Don’t be shy! In the fashion arena you will have the opportunity to meet people from all sorts of walks of life. Go ahead and say hello, compliment them and get on with making student life amazing. Your fellow students are key to getting through each day with a smile, support and team effort when needed for joint assignments.

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Who is Lauren?

Full name – Lauren van den Bosch

Studied BA fashion design at Lisof, completed in 2015
Currently continuing my studies by doing my Honours at Lisof

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