To stand out in your chosen fashion career, the Technical Drawing module will help you!

Ready to make your mark in the fashion industry?

LISOF’s Technical Drawing module in the BA DEGREE and DIPLOMA course offering which can prepare you for the following careers:

  • Fashion Designer: Creates new designs and ideas for the fashion consumer with a close eye on trends, consumer patterns and market opportunities
  • Technical Designer: The creative problem-solvers who determine the most effective method of construction and manufacture of fashion Works closely with designers, pattern-makers, retailers and the fashion industry’s most valued technicians.
  • Pattern-maker: Creates patterns for designers and for the fashion industry, or sets up entrepreneurial opportunities in the world of
  • Fashion Manufacturer: Creates fashion products for retailers, works closely with designers, buyers, and Does product development, which is simultaneously creative and commercial.

To stand out in your chosen career, the Technical Drawing module will help you develop the following:

  • The ability to identify specific fashion categories and related terminologies
  • The skills to produce clear and accurate technical drawings for fashion by hand
  • The capacity to analyse garment specifications whether in design sketches, photographs or samples
  • The ability to interpret design information into drawings that accurately show silhouette, proportion, fit and detail
  • Portfolio and best practice


Successful completion of the BA DEGREE or DIPLOMA Technical Drawing modules is compulsory and must be taken concurrently with Creative Design 01. The module focuses on equipping learners with the skills to analyse and interpret a wide range of design information into reliable technical drawings for the pattern and garment production processes. Specific garment terminology and a basic fashion vocabulary are further developed through the portfolio project.

This TD module develops the recognition and interpretation of fashion details of a wide range of garment information; into precise, visual information that is rendered by hand following a grid system. Components such as proportions, silhouettes, garment details, finishes and balance are vital in the production of quality technical drawings.

 Technical Drawing serves as an effective bridging language between creative, technical and commercial fashion clusters. It is an integral part of the fashion design and apparel industry, used in conjunction with design sketches to communicate design information to product developers, clients, buyers or pattern-makers regarding silhouette, proportion and construction specifications of a design.


The fashion industry is becoming more digital and mastering Adobe Illustrator in Computer Literacy & Design, will allow students to further apply their technical drawing skills in a digital format.

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