What Wear When


 What Wear When

Consider how we fashion ourselves everyday in the controlled, creative or random expressions of our identities. Consider the myriad ways in which others may read our fashioned selves. Consider how these fashions may engage with power and place, or culture and class. Consider these ideas and more, and you will realise how fashion impacts every individual in society, and how powerful that is.

 LISOF’s inaugural Honours in Fashion students Maria Balthasar, Aimee Feinberg, Vicki Johnson, Louise McWade, Loren Phillips and Yvette van den Berg, are working closely with Erica de Greef (lecturer, supervisor and mentor @ LISOF) to present new fashion research at the critical, cutting edge of fashion and theory.

 What Wear When is a 1-day Fashion Symposium that will be hosted at LISOF, Rosebank on the 4th October 2012, from 8:00am to 4:30pm. A call for papers resulted in a number of submissions from researchers and professionals looking at fashion production and exchange; the body and notions of identity, gender and materiality; fashion curation and exhibition, display and dissemination; and notions of the modern, post-modern and hyper-modern in relation to fashion.

This symposium aims to address the question of academic criticality in the field of fashion and brings together fashion theorists, thinkers and researchers from various disciplines with interests in the semiotic, structural, symbolic and social analyses of fashion. “Various axes of reflection and intervention will encourage a cross-disciplinary approach in the symposium and will take into account sociological, anthropological, cultural and philosophical approaches to the study of, and understanding of the notion of fashion”, says Erica de Greef.

What is really exciting about this event, is that it brings together researchers with a passion for fashion, and further, provides both Honours and 3rd year students from LISOF to engage with, and present original local fashion and dress research. “This is a fantastic opportunity, and I am very excited and honoured to present my research paper, titled Fetishism and Fame within the Izikhotane fashion culture”, says 3rd year student Kelly Fraser. Key presentations by academics de Greef, Leora Faber and Ann-Marie Tully, Mary Corrigall, Suzanne Erasmus, Frances Andrews and Roman Handt, will cover topics such as Isikothane, Dandy-ism & the pathology of excess, Sutured animal bodies, Guerilla couture, Post-colonial fashion identities and Critical fashion curation. This promises to provide delegates, colleagues and fellow students with engaging debates around fashion.

 To register for this event, please contact Vicki@www.lisof.co.za. Student registrations are R50 for the day, and professional registrations are R100.

For programme details please visit: http://whatwearwhensymposium.wordpress.com/




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