Who is Mira Duma and why you should be following her

Miroslava Duma was born in 1985, in Surgut, the oil-rich Tyumen region in Russia. She started her career in fashion as a contributing editor at Russian Harper’s Bazaar magazine, but quickly decided that web journalism was her forte, becoming a freelance writer and co-founder of Buro 24/7 . She started the site with a friend. Buro 24/7 is dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. Miroslava says it is “..kind of a bureau of information 24 hours, seven days a week. It provides our readers with quality information 24/7, up to 25 updates a day, on cinema, music, art, culture, fashion, lifestyle, social life – everything.” Buro is going global, with offices in Croatia, Middle East and Australia to name a few.


She is a street style maven with the fashion paparazzi buzzing around her at all the major fashion weeks. With 1.1million followers on Instagram, she plays with proportion on her petite frame and she is not afraid of colour or print, which makes for exciting imagery. She has a unique creative way of styling herself. Her signature piece, would be a coat, jacket or cardi just placed over her shoulders. She is married and a mother of two. As she expressed to Vogue Australia she has “an ability to mix very expensive and very cheap things in a way that they will look cool together. You just have to look in the mirror, experiment, see what works, what doesn’t, mix and match, and it’s like playing a puzzle really. I love mixing prints especially. My fashion style is experimental, because I’m still young and I’m experimenting. The 21st century is a mix of fashion trends – each decade before that was more distinctive, but now it’s a mix”.

You need to be following her because she is current and relevant in what is happening on the #streetstyle scene. She is a global fashion influencer and communicator. She is not afraid to express herself in her own personal style, even though she is not of model height. She is a successful business woman with a family. She might inspire you in some way! #LisofLoves

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Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.41.38 AM
@miraduma Instagram Account
Mira Duma head piece
Mira expresses herself with confidence and strength
Mira Duma
Mira and her signature style – coat over shoulders
Mira Duma
Bold colour, print and proportion


Mira Duma 2 looks
Showing two different styles
Mira Duma
Going old school
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