Who’s who? Wh…

Who’s who? Where’s where and what’s what???

A catch-up session with past LISOF students…

Way back when, it all started off with “MXit” (almost feel embarrassed just saying that) then Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, BBM and the latest edition: Pinterest (If you are not on it, get involved!!!). Basically my point is, where would we be if it weren’t for SOCIAL NETWORKING? I know it helped me track down one of LISOF’s past students: TZVI KARP. I wanted to know what the life of a recent graduate was like and here is the information I received from Tzvi:


Directly after the LISOF graduation Fashion show he was personally invited by S.A Fashion Week Director Lucilla Booysens to showcase a new seasonal collection for S.A Fashion Week.


Tzvi showcased his graduation collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as part of their FastTrack Initiative.


He has been dressing and styling musicians and celebrities including Bonang Matheba, Nandi Mngoma and Eve Rakow. He has also been involved in a creative collaboration with Photographer Chris Saunders for Indie/alternative band The Frown

His designs are set to appear in upcoming editions of Elle, Marie Claire, Voila and Grazia and he is currently inspired and hard at work designing his new collection for the upcoming season.


We all can’t wait to see what you come up with next Tzvi!

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