Why choose LISOF?

LISOF has the reputation of being the most progressive Fashion Design School and Retail Higher Education Institution in Africa. Our alumni populate fashion and retail environments throughout the world and our qualifications in fashion are well sought after in the industry.

We have achieved this success by developing curricula that are unequalled in variety and depth, by employing and consulting leaders at the cutting edge of fashion, retail and education and by fostering individuality, innovation and creativity. Students can choose between a variety of programmes that are unrivalled in their scope and practical application.

“South Africa has a rich vein of creative talent, which LISOF has been instrumental in exploring over the past two-and-a-half decades,” says CEO Shana Rosenthal. “Our success is attributable to developing and delivering curricula that are relevant, progressive and forward thinking in line with the needs of the fashion industry. The combination of the educational concept of work-integrated learning and the economic principle of intrapreneurship into the LISOF honours programme is another example of our commitment to the future of fashion.”

At LISOF, you can choose from a diverse array of disciplines; from design to marketing, styling to buying, merchandising to photography, and many more. As a member of the LISOF community, you will explore, learn and exchange ideas in a dynamic, inspirational environment. Studying at LISOF means that you will not only be educated at a prestigious fashion design school but you will also be exposed to the industry and be able to network within the community.

LISOF has consistently delivered top class graduates over the years to the South African Fashion Industry. Umzingeli Productions has had several interns from LISOF under its wing of which I am very proud of.


LISOF is super, forward thinking and creative. It develops creativity and consistently nurture and produce amazing new talent that’s unparalleled in the country.


We were so impressed with the display of talent, passion and overall academic excellence of the students we engaged with. We are delighted to be partnering with an institution that mirrors our vigour an absolute enthusiasm in changing the face of fashion retail South Africa.


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