Winter frown turned upside down

What Christmas means to a child, winter invokes in me… excitement! Now for those of you clinging on to your summer dresses, barely jean shorts and crop tops time to once again leave a little to the imagination… But if you must show those legs do it in a subtle less is more kind of way.

We all know winter is about layering half of our closets into one outfit and repeating style ideas may be way to insulting to ourselves. But to keep you motivated on dressing on trend through those cold winter days, I have compiled a few tips for the winter blues:

Any cocktail looks better with a colourful umbrella:

Now some of you might end up looking a bit morbid when the winter blues have finally kicked in, resulting in a stagnant style. When those days do appear, and you feel you want to dress in all black or 50 shades of grey, pop a little bit of colour into your outfit. Layering can also help with this problem by re-using those bright summer mullet dresses, knitted scarf’s, printed jackets or just investing in some bright lips.

Differentiate don’t imitate:

Okay, I know we all have a secret addiction to Pintrest and but this madness has to stop. Where have the days gone when individuals had individuality, differentiating from the crowd (yes we can spot the look a mile away) rather than imitating something else. By all means look at these sites, but keep in mind that their goal is to inspire not to make you a cut out copy of a picture.
Hand-me-downs… YES PLEASE!!

The best items you can find are the ones stuck in your friends’ closet. Now this could become a social gathering once a month or just a trade between two people with the same style ideas. We all have those items we’ve been keeping in the closet for months, maybe years waiting for the perfect moment to wear them. Well here it is, trade it with a friend for something they don’t ever wear. The best way to mix up your style is to see how your friends will wear something you liked but never had the courage to wear or experiment with.

”I wear your granddad’s clothes, I look incredible…”

We all run to Zara, Top Shop and Mr. Price when we are in search of a new style instead of looking right under our noses. I’m sure daddy has a few old jeans (aka boyfriend jeans), mommy has some interesting jackets (80’s padded shoulders) and granny has been keeping that vintage handbag for years (character that no store-bought bag can compete with).

When you go through that psychotic breakdown after looking in your closet for something that doesn’t fit your usual style, use that as motivation to mix things up a little. Play around with different ideas, trade clothes with your friends and start looking in other places, rather than what retailers offer, for your style ideas.

Look at: Winter street style in The Satorialist, Vogue, Elle, Small Earth Vintage, Elle, etc for winter street style ideas.

Clara Kruger

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