Young Designers Unite

LISOF second year young designers united with Nando’s Hot Young Designers (2018) to collaborate at this year’s Decorex event, 7-11 August 2019.

Young Designers Unite

This project is grounded in story-telling through design. By building layers of narrative with patterns and fashion design LISOF has explored the beauty and complexity of African identity and experience, and the place that creativity and design have in our unique world.

Adopting the Decorex theme of ‘Designing for Africa – feels like home’ LISOF and Nando’s visually reflect on what it means to be us.

The primary focus of this project, was for students to understand the concept of the unbreakable link between fashion and interior design. Fashion and interior design work well together as they have the same design elements and same aesthetic concepts such as space, shape and form. They both create something personal, helping individuals to be creative, unique and most importantly creating a strong story behind each design. We asked the students: What is Your African Story?

“We want the students to learn how to synthesise lived experience and considered, strategic fashion design. The process has involved a lot of exploration, trial and error, and hours and hours of hard work. The finished ensembles represent fashion that is technically resolved, strongly aligned with design principles, and tells a clear story and so embodies the LISOF ethos of creativity and pride in our country and continent” – Dr Chris McWade, Academic Manager

Young Designers Unite

Nando’s has fired-up PERi-PERi chicken and Mzansi for over 30 years in its cheeky ads and inspiring art. For years, Nando’s has been committed to nurturing young creative talent, proudly taking Southern African art and design to the world through their beautiful restaurants. Their various art and design programmes are tailored to providing a platform for young creativities to grow in their skill.  Nando’s supports over 350 artists on a regular basis and provides access to the designs of many South African furniture designers through their Portal to Africa sourcing portal. Nando’s love for art and design has made it the largest collector of contemporary South African art and design in world.

LISOF is the leader in fashion tertiary education in South Africa, with 25 years of experience offering multiple opportunities for young design students to collaborate with South African brands. LISOF was inspired by Nando’s’ passion for design and their investment in young South African designers and artists. By using Southern African artists in their restaurant design and furniture, and through their commitment to developing young designers, Nando’s displays an investment in design that reflects LISOF’s mission to do the same in fashion.

LISOF is proudly part of STADIO Multiversity

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